How do you get a live agent when you call the IRS?

January 27, 2009 by  
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flawless1212 asked:

Heck, I’ve called them about 5 times today and only get a recording. I press the buttons it tells me to push and then it hangs up on me. I was trying to look up my tax rebate info online but it said I would have to call the IRS directly. It’s hard to talk to a live person now a days.

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4 Comments on "How do you get a live agent when you call the IRS?"

  1. marzing8 on Wed, 28th Jan 2009 12:17 am 

    call 1-800-829-1040 and press 2 then 3 and it will direct you to a live agent

  2. Juswait on Wed, 28th Jan 2009 11:30 pm 

    If it is about your rebate try 1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 726.

  3. wartz on Sat, 31st Jan 2009 3:11 am 

    They are being overwhelmed by people calling with questions about their rebates. You won’t be able to get through until the problem blows over.

  4. kayhan ocal on Mon, 7th Jul 2014 9:15 am 

    iam trying to report what look or it is fraud.but the irs does not respond.It is persons with foreing accents saying we owe the I. r.s. money and if we don’t pay they are sen ding the police.Here is the number (188_385-0228).Do not fall for it.I.R.S. never calls

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