does anyone know what time of the day they usally deposit a tax refund check?

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Rosalyn F asked:

We were suppose to recive it today but it has not got direct deosited yet.

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10 Comments on "does anyone know what time of the day they usally deposit a tax refund check?"

  1. Nick on Sat, 7th Feb 2009 7:24 am 

    I work at a credit union. Our federal refunds usually get deposited on Friday mornings (usually by 9am Eastern Time).

  2. hotgirl_rightgirl00 on Sun, 8th Feb 2009 9:25 pm 

    They usually do it in the morning…it may be in your account tonight after 12 am.

  3. Student on Tue, 10th Feb 2009 5:27 am 

    That is very hard to say it could be any time.If the I.R.S. is supposed to put the refund in the account then you can call them and ask them what is the delay,but if you are dealing with a tax preparer then anything can happen.

  4. Rob on Wed, 11th Feb 2009 6:10 am 

    Check with your bank to find out when they post the direct deposits, every bank posts at different times of day.

  5. Rich C on Thu, 12th Feb 2009 11:13 am 

    go to and click on the link, Where’s my Refund? it will ask you for your ss number and the amount of the federal refund that you are expecting back. At that point the website will tell you when you should be expecting your check

    good luck

  6. trixii19 on Fri, 13th Feb 2009 7:27 am 

    bank north does there’s once before 8am then again before 2pm…

  7. Kim J on Sun, 15th Feb 2009 7:12 pm 

    Keep waiting. I have been since 1/26. I finally talked to a tax advocate today. He said if I can prove my hardship (disconnect notices, etc.) he could expidite my return. I just have to fax info to them. I have to wait until Wednesday of next week to do this. Hope this helps.

  8. liz on Tue, 17th Feb 2009 3:17 am 

    If you haven’t recieved it today, try not to worry about it. I am not trying to bring you down but save you a lot of stressing and worrying. There are a LOT of refund delays so far this year and has been prooven very unreliable by most people this year. I don’t know if you are claiming the EIC but that looks to be the biggest delay. I was supposed to get my refund on 1/26 and I am still waiting.
    Good luck and I hope you get your refund soon.

  9. MarineMom on Thu, 19th Feb 2009 10:13 am 

    Sounds like it won’t be showing up today if it has not posted to your account already. However, you can call your bank and talk to customer service and ask them if there is a deposit pending. I have done that and they will always tell you and let you know when it will most likely post to your account. Good luck!

  10. Me on Fri, 20th Feb 2009 3:56 am 

    It’s usually after midnight each Friday.

    Here is what it says online about DD for today:

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 9, 2007. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 14, 2007, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 14, 2007 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.

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