How do I find out how much I got on my tax refund last year if I dont have the 1099-G form?

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layn da smckdwn asked:

I’m trying to file my taxes on the H&R block taxcut free file, now theyre asking me how much I got on my tax refund from last year. How the heck am I suppose to remember the exact amount? Does anyone know how I can find out this info?

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7 Comments on "How do I find out how much I got on my tax refund last year if I dont have the 1099-G form?"

  1. Ann Igram on Fri, 27th Mar 2009 4:37 pm 

    You should have a copy of your tax forms that you filed last year.

  2. Justin H. on Sat, 28th Mar 2009 2:39 pm 

    What they are actually asking you is for you AGI (adjusted gross income)

    This can be found be looking at your last years return that you should have printed out. It should be somewhere at the very beginning.

    If you do not have your last years return you can go to and contact them and they can look the information up for you.

  3. botygy on Tue, 31st Mar 2009 3:38 pm 

    Go to file cabint, open drawer, find file called 2006 taxes, open it up and look at your copy of the return.

  4. Michael R on Thu, 2nd Apr 2009 9:44 pm 

    I was in the same boat. I just moved and lost my tax information. Anyway call the IRS get there number from after a few questions they will provide you with your AGI.

  5. Michele N on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 4:48 pm 

    It is only important if you itemized the previous year. If you did not itemize then you don’t need to include it. If you itemized then you can probably call your states tax opffice and find the amount.

  6. Doctor Deth on Tue, 7th Apr 2009 6:57 pm 

    uh…look at your return from last year, which you’re supposed to keep copies of for years?

  7. Carol A Mosher on Mon, 15th Aug 2011 10:57 am 

    I am trying to get a copy of my W-2 for 2011,from when I worked for Select Staffing.Start 4-14-2011 to 6-13-2011.
    I need it for the social security adm. as I am fileing for
    early retirement.
    Carol A. Mosher

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