Wall Collapses During Construction, Kills One Injures Three

A wall collapsed at a Queens construction site Monday morning killing one worker and injuring three others. The New York construction accident occurred around 9:30 a.m. Workers were building a 65-foot-wide wall when it suddenly collapsed.

A 26-year-old worker went into cardiac arrest after the wall caved in. The worker was pronounced dead while en route to Elmhurst Hospital Center. A brother of the deceased worker was one of three other workers seriously injured in the wall collapse. The three injured workers sustained trauma and broken bones in the New York construction site accident and were admitted to Elmhurst Hospital Center in serious condition.

A neighbor of the two brothers says the workers essentially live to work. The neighbor says the brothers leave at 7 a.m. and return home at 8 p.m. Of the deceased worker, the neighbor says he “works a lot; he doesn’t go out except to work and come home.” In all, three brothers were working at the construction site together.

Eugene Corcoran, a deputy commissioner for enforcement at the Buildings Department says there may have been a problem in the way the concrete for the wall was added during the construction, leading to the collapse. He believes the wall may have been unstable due to spaces in the concrete.

Two workers reportedly were on top of the 18-foot high cinder block wall. The two reportedly were able to ride to collapsing wall to the bottom. Two workers were standing at the foot of the wall under scaffolding. Cinder blocks that were patched with concrete gave way. The workers at the foot of the wall were crushed between the cinder blocks and scaffolding suffering workplace injuries in the collapse.

The building reportedly has had other problems since the site was permitted in June 2009. Six violations, unrelated to construction of the wall, have been recorded against the site. Failing to post proper signage and failing to keep the sidewalk clear from equipment are among the previous violations at the site.

The fatality reportedly is the first New York construction fatality of the year. Four construction fatalities occurred in New York City in 2010, three fatalities were recorded in construction accidents in the city in 2009.

The deceased and the three injured workers were employed by a subcontractor on the job.

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