Worker Killed Clearing Snow At New Jersey Towing Company

A 47-year-old Brunswick man died last week while clearing snow from trucks at a New Jersey towing company. The worker died as a result of injuries sustained in an accident that occurred around 7 o’clock in the morning. The worker reportedly was crushed between a flatbed truck and a large toolbox in the tragic New Jersey heavy equipment accident.

After a winter storm dropped around 8-inches of snow overnight in North Brunswick, workers at the towing company and service center were clearing snow from the trucks before beginning the day of responding to stranded motorists. The victim and another worker raised the flatbed to allow the piled up snow to slide off the tow truck. The accident victim reportedly was on the passenger side of a flatbed truck at the towing company.

Authorities say that at some point the co-worker hit the controls from the driver’s side of the tow truck to lower the flatbed. The employee reportedly was not aware that the victim was bent over on the passenger’s side. As the flatbed lowered, the truck pinned the victim between the flatbed and the truck’s large toolbox.

Emergency personnel responded to the accident. The injured worker was pronounced dead at the scene. Police reportedly continue to investigate the accident. The victim reportedly was a volunteer firefighter and race car enthusiast.

Dependents of a worker who has died as a result of a workplace injury may be entitled to death benefits. Workers injured on the job and dependents of a worker who has been fatally injured can learn more about benefits available under New Jersey law by speaking to an experienced New Jersey worker’s compensation attorney.

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